Wednesday, December 22, 2010

good morning!

Good morning, chickens!
I am in Billings again on break, snuggled up in my bed. I am so content right here, ahhh I just love it. Break has been pretty boring so far, I really haven't accomplished anything! I LOVE IT!
Since I have to go back to school for wintersession and my break is less than two weeks long, I am completely determined to do absolutely nothing. It is rockin'.
Yesterday was my first full day back and I crocheted another ear warmer (pictures to come), made puppy chow for my mom's fourth graders, ran some errands with Jeff, made eggplant pasta (my current favorite) for my family and cute boyfriend and then watched our old Saturday Night Live DVDs with my family and Jeff. After my parents and brother were asleep, Jeff and I went to Borders (where I scored Stephen Colbert's I Am America And So Can You! for 4.99!) and then went to the movie "Due Date." Actually, looking back on it, it was busy and today I must do nothing.

I really don't have anything too interesting to say, so this blog post is mostly pointless.
But today, I think I will make those biscotti for Jeff's dad for Christmas, watch Funny Face and crochet some more. Sounds like a good day.

Love youuuu

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