Friday, December 10, 2010


Yesterday, I met with my literature criticism teacher to do some final editing and put some finishing touches on my final research essay for her class.
She read all thirteen pages of it without saying a word, making me very anxious.
She then said, "We are going to have to work on this title for next semester."
I was confused. This class ends this semester and I don't have her again next semester.
She then said "Because I am going to submit this for scholarships and possible publication. And I think you should consider presenting it at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research."
I was stunned. I could not, and still can't, believe that I had produced a paper that was impressive enough for her to believe it worthy of scholarships, NCUR and possible publication??
WHAT! I was SO SO SO happy! I seriously have never been prouder of myself.

I truly went into that class so scared and doubtful. We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays and each time we meet we have about twenty pages of reading due and a two page paper. Katie (my AMAZING professor) has insane expectations for the students in her class. It is very rigorous, but I found that I was capable of fulfilling her expectations.

I seriously have never been so excited about anything in my life.
I am so proud of myself.


  1. Libby, that's awesome! Congratulations! You SHOULD be insanely proud of yourself, and I am too! <3

  2. YOU are a best friend to be proud of.