Friday, December 3, 2010

"The Dog Days Are Over"

Hello everybody!

How is everyone? I am doing extremely swell, thank you.

So, I had an entry written when I went home for Thanksgiving break, but the internet at my house was being really funky and would not let it live. I'm very sorry about my long absence, because I know how much you all were looking forward to another interesting post after that extremely exciting last one (haha)!

Today is the day of the Residence Life Christmas Party, so I am in charge of being extremely stressed and annoyed all day! Yahoo! I do love my job here, but at times it makes me want to pull people's hair right out of their little heads. The only thing that has saved me lately is listening to Florence and the Machine's "The Dog Days Are Over" extremely loudly and dancing like a crazy. Keep in mind here people that my boss's office shares a wall with my room, so in reality this is very audacious! It truthfully really will not be that bad, just bossing people around and being such a hard ass is not really my thing, so I dread that part. But when everything is set up, looking pretty and people are having fun thanks to my careful planning, that is when it is all SO worth it! I'm excited for all the pretty glittering lights and my pretty centerpieces. I will post pictures of how it all turned out soon!

So, I have this problem. And it is called "That I spoil my fish too much." He is a pink beta fish (bet you didn't even know those existed!) and he is SUCH a baby. He actually has this red mustache above his little mouth, which is hilarious and his name is Ollie. When I got him, he was in a one gallon bowl with little red, purple, white and pink gems at the bottom and a little green plant. Then I wrote his name in cute little letters on the bowl with sharpies (I have this need to decorate plain things). So that was relatively normal, until one day when he jumped. That is right people, he jumped. I was over talking to him and it was almost a like "Look what I can do, lady" move and he jumped right out of the water! Luckily I don't fill his bowl up completely, so he didn't come out of the bowl, but I literally screamed SO LOUDLY and freaked out. I poked holes in a piece of paper and rubber-banded it around the top so that if he was feeling daring again, he wouldn't end up committing suicide. Then I had this problem where he was mad about that. He would flare his "mean fins" at me every time I came to chat with him. I was like "My own child hates me" and it was a terrible feeling (hi, p.s. I realize he is a fish, okay?). But he got over that once I came home from Thanksgiving break, thank God. So, being the weirdo that I am I ordered this thing called a "beta halo" from someone on etsy for like 15 bucks and it has his name on it and little heart shaped holes so air can still get in. It sits right on the top of the bowl and protects him from jumping out! What a great invention! And then last night Jeff and I went to Petsmart and got him a little pink castle to hide in and more gems and a thermometer, I can know if he is too cold. I realize how ridiculous this is, but I seriously feel like I need to take care of something to make me feel fulfilled. I have this need to nurture and love something that depends wholly on me. My dog used to be this for me, but Tait sort of has taken her away (complicated) and I really love caring for something. As most of you know that read this, I am a Resident Assistant so I live in the dorms and can't have anything other than fish, unless it lives at Jeff's house, which we did with Izzy when we got to keep her. So now I have Ollie, and that is enough for me now. But I reserve the right to spoil him as much as I wish =).
Here is a little snap shot a particularly great day spent at home for Thanksgiving break...


...which is particularly large.

That concludes today's post, my loves.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!


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  1. I am happy you have Ollie, and I know it is perfectly acceptable to spoil fish because they are just as special as any other creature.

    I am going to give you the Florence & the Machine album I spontaneously bought at Borders because it's amazing... unless you already have the whole thing. Then, good!

    I love you.