Saturday, December 4, 2010

I love pips!


Guess what? I am officially done with all of my program coordinator responsibilities for the semester! REJOICE REJOICE!
Except for the time I spend with my great staff and boyfriend, the Christmas party was immensely disappointing. I felt like I put so much care and effort into the whole shin-dig and it was unappreciated. I pretty much cried the whole way home. After unloading all of the decorations, Christmas tree and lights from my car, Lindsay invited me over to her apartment and commiserated with me. She had my job last year, and was also one of my supervisors here in Turner Hall when I was just an RA. She let me sit on her couch and complain and cry, all the while listening with so much understanding and sympathy. I am incredibly lucky to have a friend like Lindsay. She is a grad student this year in clinical psychology and I know how extremely busy she is balancing her school work and being a supervisor of a dorm. She is absolutely amazing and wonderful, and I am so grateful that she is always there for me, regardless of her to-do list.

Jeff and I ran miscellaneous errands today, the most important of which was buying his (and mine, I say) nephew, Jameson, Nursery Rhyme books and The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh for Christmas. I vowed to only buy him books as presents for awhile. I want to build up his library for later in his life and I want to read all of the books to him that I loved (and still love!) as a child. He is only turning one year old on the 18th, but I still think books are great! It is never too early to be read to, in my opinion =). The Nursery Rhyme book and the children's fairy tale books we got him are illustrated by Mary Engelbreit and they are just absolutely adorable! I am excited to read them to him and see his little face observing the drawings and his little, soft hands turning the pages. He is such a little doll.

Also, something incredibly exciting happened today! Jeff and I were at Rockin' Rudy's tonight and I had a pip (which is my shortened version of epiphany)! We were looking at 2011 calendars and there was one of black and white shots of Paris and right there, I decided I was going. I began babbling to Jeff about how we should just save our money for the rest of the school year and go to Paris. He was not as excited as I was, mostly because he is incredibly realistic, which is what I need most of the time. He said we should go the summer after this one, which is actually better as we will both be done with undergrad AND it gives me ample time to save money (which I am very, very terrible at). We decided to save ten dollars each a week and go to Europe next summer. I am SO FREAKIN' EXCITED! I have never been away from North America (except to go to Hawaii, which is still included in my opinion!) and have HUGE dreams about traipsing around Europe. I am incredibly, insanely and enormously PUMPED about this decision we made tonight! WHHHHOOOAOOAAAA

So, let's hope that this time next year I have achieved all of my goals: saving money for Europe, losing all of the icky weight, and not spending money on stupid things!!!!

Well, I think I shall sign off my friends. Have a spectacular night!

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  1. Pips... ha! I love it.

    I am excited about your plans for Paris, I reaaalllly want to save up and go to europe again, somewhere other than Italy because I am STILL sick of pasta.

    I have been buying Max lots of books too! Good ones, like Where the Wild Things Are and Goodnight Moon. I can't wait to read them to him.