Saturday, December 11, 2010

Things to be grateful for...

I am going to make a big, long list of things I am thankful for for the next few months. I am starting this list today! Please note these are in no particular order. And many of them will seem pretty silly.
Here goes.

1) Soft, fragrant towels.

2) My own bathroom. My freshman year I shared a bathroom with all the girls on my floor in the dorm I lived in. When I was hired as an RA, I still shared a bathroom with the girls, but now I worked there. When I was hired as a Supervisor, I got an "apartment," which, in my case, is a room with a cute little pantry and a bathroom. I am grateful for this little bathroom everyday.

3) Quiet Saturday mornings with no obligations.

4) Handmade cards.

5) My little fish that I get to greet every morning.

Now on to my day!
Tori is going to come this evening and I am planning on making a delicious dinner! Eggplant pasta and salad and a yummy dessert!
I have been laying around like a big, lazy student who doesn't have a paper to work is a life that I haven't known since the summer. Ah, recreational reading, I have missed you.

I hope everyone has an excellent & relaxing Saturday.


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