Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, hello there!

Oh hello all!
I am so sorry for neglecting my blog and all of your BEAUTIFUL faces, but boy, have I been busy. Christmas came and passed. New years came and passed. I came back to Missoula on the fifth of January and started my Wintersession class that Friday.
The class I took was C&I 200, my first in school experience. I observed for two weeks in an eighth grade Language Arts class and completely fell in love with all of the kids and the profession. My teacher had me teaching completely on my own for the last week, and it was the absolute best. The lesson we were working on wasn't in my major at all (they were doing interest surveys to do some research about potential
careers in preparation for high school) but I enjoyed it ANYWAY. Tomorrow is my last day with them, but we are going on a ski trip, so I will mostly be sitting in the lodge all day reading since I am the kiss of death of the ski hills (I will have to tell you
this story someday).

I am going to leave you with some pictures from Christmas break.

This girl is my life. Denby and I.

Denby making me laugh. I love candid photos.

My baby, Tobey, or more affectionately called, Baidumb.

My baby again.

My brother, Jordan, and I

Dad and I

Jordan and I. Isn't he a heartbreaker?

Making pasties with Jeff's mom, Laurie. It's a Butte tradition!

Jeff and I on a walk with Jagger! Who is on a leash so you can't see him, haha.

Talk to you soon.
Love, Lib

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