Saturday, January 29, 2011


My first week of spring semester: Tiring.

I am taking more credits than last semester-- only 16 (I'm a big baby!) and I feel like I am juggling so much already. I added a Linguistics class, which for some reason has done nothing but confused me. Haha, I feel like such a loser every freakin' time I walk into that class. It might be because it is one o'clock in the afternoon AKA right when my coffee is wearing off PLUS just after lunch. And the classroom is kind of warm and usually the lights are off so we can see the projection on the board so I just want to lay my head on the table and take a small, tiny nap. I don't think that would be looked upon very kindly. But on Friday, my professor (Who's name is Tully! Now I know two people named that great name) wore a shirt which I would give best shirt of the week award if that existed. It was a button up with the little ivory snap buttons and demin colored pockets on the breasts. It also had this pattern with ponies, roosters, weathervanes, fish, trees and angels. Oh my god, it was the best! Great job, Tully.

Also, I am thinking that now I am taking Education classes my GPA is going to be on the rise. That shit is easy as pie. Just a bajillion reading, which one would think I would be used to now as an English major, but I am telling you reading literature is a completely different planet than the one reading Educational psychology textbooks lives on. That doesn't make sense.

My American Novel class is fabulous, just as I predicted! The theme is "Odyssey," which wonderfully encompasses the themes of the books from one of my last posts.

Yesterday I finished our second semester "Meet the Staff" board in Turner Hall, which I did not have to do, but really wanted to. It is so adorable and fits out building and staff so much better than our last one. It really shows our personalities, I think, which I am all about.

Now for something I feel VERY proud of.
I went to the gym today, ya'll. It felt so good too! I have hardly used these great running shoes I bought downtown last fall for a lot of dollars, they have just been sitting in the big box of shoes in my closet making my feel guilty and wasteful. So, I took them to the gym and spent A WHOLE THIRTY MINUTES on the treadmill. What you read is true! CANYABELIEVEIT?! I did not run the entire time as the man at the running-shoes-store told me that the reason I always get killer shin splits when I start running (preventing me from sticking with it) is because I push myself too hard to quickly when my body isn't ready for it. So, what he suggested was to walk briskly for five minutes then run for about two minutes and keep up this pattern for about twenty minutes or so. Then just lessen the walking intervals and increase the running intervals when my body gets used to it. Maybe someday in the near future I will be a person who runs. An actual runner. Right now, I just think those people are freaks. Who the heck can just run and run and run and still feel good. Just kidding, I completely envy those people and believe that they rule.

So in summation, it has been a busy week. But a thoroughly rewarding and interesting one. I love those ones.

P.S. If you're into mash-ups as much as I am, Milkman recently released a new CD called Algorithms, which is up for free download on his website. FREE JAMS HECKYES

muchlove homies.

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