Monday, January 31, 2011

Day One!

Good morning!

I started my day of clean eating out by....waitforit....NOT PUTTING ANYTHING IN MY AMERICANO EXCEPT SKIM MILK! and you know what? It wasn't half bad. Love me some white chocolate, but I survived. I have been drinking white chocolate americanos pretty much every morning since my junior year of high school, and I am buttcrazy obsessed with them, so this is a big step, my friends.

Then I headed off to class as I was real busy and did not have time to eat breakfast (shame on meeeee).

Got out of class, headed to my room real quick as it is pretty much zero degrees!!!!!
So, now I am going to eat some Brown Cow Blueberry Greek Yogurt, because after reading A LOT on clean eating, I discovered I can eat one yogurt a day! YAY.

I know that I have hardly gotten through one day, but I am real proud of the americano achievement.

Have a great day, all!

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