Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Apartment!!!!

Okay guys!

Since my promotion to Head Resident, I now get to be completely OBSESSED with decorating a new aparment.

I move in on May 15th or 16th and (get this) it is an actual apartment! Not like the we're-saying-it's-an-apartment-but-really-it's-the-smallest-room-in-the-building-with-a-bathroom-attatched kind of apartment that I have now, But a real live apartment complete with kitchen, dining area, living room, bedroom, AND bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My excitement can NOT be expressed. The kitchen is what I am most pumped about, if you couldn't tell. A kitchen?! A kitchen!!! OH DEAR GOD, A KITCHEN! I love, love, love, love to cook and bake and not having one seriously bums me out. The kitchen is super, ultra tiny and retro and I absolutely love it! It has an over that is about, maybe, 16 inches wide (super tiny!) and only three burners, a mini-fridge and not very much storage space. BUT WHO CARES!

To add to the fridge space, I am bringing my own mini-fridge (two mini-fridges equals one big fridge, right?). I am buying a microwave cart to put my microwave on, so that it doesn't take up more of my non-existent counter space. I am also going to put some nails in the wall next to the sink so that I can hang skillets and stuff and they won't take any of my already limited storage space.

Also, after a few days of being frustrated by trying to find a nice, used bar type of table that won't take up very much room, Jeff's brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law told me they had the perfect one and would just give it to me! It is dark wood, square and has two bar stools that come with it! Geee!!!

My parents are giving me an old loveseat and I am keeping the BFC (Big Freakin' chair) and my parents are also letting me take my queen sized bed from home!!!! I bought this duvet cover for it...

It is reversible! I think I will mostly keep it on the side without the flowers... Geez, I can not wait to move in and decorate. It is seriously one of my favorite things to do! YAY DECORATING TIME!!!!

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  1. I'm so excited for you!! You're the most awesome person ever. Sooo... how would you feel about me painting you a picture that matches your new bed decor? I promise I won't be mad if you're sick of getting artwork from me. haha.