Tuesday, April 5, 2011


(For some reason this blog will not stay formatted, so I am very sorry for the HUGE post without any paragraph breaks. I tried!) (I am saying this in a whisper) Hi...I'm sorry for being gone so long. Forgive me? (This, I am saying at my normal voice level...which is loud) HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD, FRIENDS, OH MY GOD! The day that I had been waiting for for months and months finally arrived. I had been waiting for months to find out where the directors of Residence Life were going to place me and if they were going to promote me to Head Resident. For the months that I waited, I thought of every possible thing that could happen. 1) They could make me stay Assistant Head Resident in Turner. Shit. I can't do three years here. CRAP CRAP CRAP. 2) They could ask me not to come back...I don't know why they would! I am great at my job. Gosh, what if I did something bad and didn't even know?! 3) They could put me in a huge building with a huge staff and I WOULD BE SO OVERWHELMED! 4) They could put me where I ask, but that is a long shot. When I had my "interview" for the Head Resident position, they first asked where I wanted to be. I said "I want to be Head Resident of Knowles/Turner." They all pretty much freaked out and were like "Whoa! Stepping up to the plate!" They said this because Knowles and Turner are two seperate buildings, and they are experimenting by combining the staff of each building into one. So there will be one head resident, two assistant heads and 11 RAs. Totally new and scary. All the other supervisors said they did not want anything to do with it, and I said that I wanted it. I want a challenge, I want to be the first person to try this. It is a huge responsibility and privlege to be the first person to work with this experiment. But I wanted that. On Friday, April 1st, my letter came. It said that I was being promoted to Head Resident in Turner/Knowles Halls. I. SCREAMED. MY. HEAD. OFF. What an honor. I am amazed that they are trusting me with this and I am further amazed that they listened to what I said and gave it to me. I must have done something right =) So, that being said, I was placed with two AMAZING assistant head residents, Eric and Sean. I am so, so, incredibly excited to be given this opportunity. In charge of a staff of 13? Wow. I am so happy and proud!

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  1. Good job Libbster!! That sounds awesome. I'm very proud of you too. =]