Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's all about balance.

I feel like everyday I just try to balance. Most days it is more difficult than I think it will be.
I have noticed this materialistic attitude that I have, that I absolutely, positively hate. I have convinced myself that I need so many things.
I need a smartphone, I need new jeans, I need new bras, underwear, shoes, hair clips, jewelry.
Ugh. But then once I convince myself that I do not need things, I look at blogs and like someone's outfit, or wish I could take cool Instagram pictures on my phone and put them on my blog or I want to have the same art print for my kitchen. Blah, blah, blah.
We are so wired to always be thinking of the next things we want, when we don't even really want those things. We want the experiences that are advertised to come with those things. I want to have cool pictures of my life to share with you, and my family, and my future children and my old, old self. I want to look that cute, I want to see that art print everyday and remember its message.
It's advertising. I can't stand advertising. It tells you that you are going to become so much happier once you have your hands on that product, but it's empty. It is a completely empty promise. You will not be happier. Happiness comes only from within, not inanimate objects.
Yeah, I would love that new pair of shoes and to buy that cute dress from MODcloth, but I would rather save my money to use to experience something real. Go to Europe, go see Annie, go home, go see Denby. Go, see, do.

I have never been much of an outdoors kind of girl, but these days I find myself aching to go outside. I live in Montana for God's sake and I have gone hiking maybe five times in my whole life. Montana has two national parks, tons and tons of empty space and beautiful mountains. I just want to be outside. I want to go hiking, I want to swim in a lake, I want to camp. But I have to work 40+ hours per week and take summer classes. I feel so fenced in and unable to do what I want. Geeeeeez.

On a lighter note, I fly out Thursday to go to Minnesota and see one of my best friends, Annie, get married!!!!!! I am able to go because of the incredible generosity of her parents, who, once they found out I couldn't make it to the wedding (not enough frequent flier miles, flights out of Missoula are $600 one way to Minnesota, YUCK!) they pooled their own frequent flier miles to fly me down there. I fly out on Thursday, the wedding is on Friday and I leave on Sunday. It will be a very quick trip, but I am so exctied to see Annie and Drew, see Minnesota, see where Annie grew up, see one of my best friends get married (what? we are this old?) and to get out of the dorms for awhile! EEEEEEK!

much love TO YOU.

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